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Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul

We want to hear from dieters who changed a lifetime of negatives habits into positive ones and became true partners in their weight-loss success.

Tell us about the joys and pitfalls of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight—for a lifetime. If you tried every diet under the sun, the latest fad, pill and potion before you realized and maintained your goal weight, share your "war stories" with us.

Share your secrets for setting realistic goals, being kind to yourself, avoiding triggers, using the buddy system. We'll explore the tough issues, which are often at the core of most weight problems, such as emotional eating, eating disorders, depression, binging.The success of any diet includes a good attitude, eating nutritious foods and getting enough exercise. Send us your stories about lifestyle, eating habits, good nutrition, exercise. Share your inspiration and positive attitude with fellow dieters on how to cultivate a realistic, healthy body image, celebrate your beauty at any weight, rediscover your sense of personal style.

Successful dieters have a plan and are ready to deal with setbacks when they come along. We'd like to hear what you have to say about tips on great food, portion control, meal frequency, how to cope with cravings, important nutrition facts as you lose weight, hints when eating out, changing your shopping habits. Complete with success stories, anniversaries celebrated and the secrets to a life of good dieting. Let our readers celebrate your achievements and transformations.

For every failure there are ten success stories – and we want to hear yours to inspire and motivate others toward a lifetime of good health. Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul - the dieter's best friend; a source of inspiration, motivation, support, humor and success.


Mind and Matter * Eating Well * Keeping Fit * No Pain, No Gain What You See is NOT What You Get * Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Back Again Next Week, The New You

Submission Guidelines

Please preface your story with your complete name, address, phone, fax and email contact information and a bio of 50 words maximum, which can include promotional information about your work, other publications, or your company.

Story Length: 500-1300 words Non-fiction, original short stories.

Previously published material is also accepted, if you control the rights. Please provide information on where the story has been published when you submit the piece.

Deadline: June 15, 2006, but don't procrastinate! Writers whose stories are being considered for publication will be contacted by August 15, 2006.

Compensation: Writers of stories accepted for final publication will receive their choice of $200 or fourteen (14) complimentary copies of the book (a $204 retail value), per story published. Contributors of published poems will be paid $50 upon publication.

Phone & Fax: (954) 418-0844

Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul
3201 SW 15th Street, Deerfield Beach FL 33442

Send stories to: Theresa Peluso, , Visit:

Saturday, March 11, 2006 Seeking Writers - Men & Women Welcome

Dear potential member, is a supportive online writing community for both men and women over 18. We are currently accepting articles on advice, writing, Society, how-to articles, tips and hints, Relationship articles, Self Help, Parenting, Opinions, Legal, Humor, Marketing, Family Concerns, art, copyright, Meditation, Political, Education, Career, and motivational articles. We also accept book review submissions to our book review section.

We ask if your article is related to Internet or Computers and Technology that you submit it to our partner website

At this time, we can not pay for articles. We understand as writers the need for payment, and hopes to offer payment in the future. For now we do include your bio/byline, photo and link to your website. Contributing Writers & Columnists also receive free promotion in our newsletter that goes out weekly to 200 + subscribers. In addition, all contributing writers receive front page promotion.

We also have a section where writers can showcase their poetry, short stories, and personal essays. Today's Woman's Writing Community's mission to is bring writers the support and resources that will assist them in reaching their writing goals. You are invited to browse our community at .

If you should have any questions about the community, please contact a member of staff through our Feedback form .

Rose DesRochers

History Mag for Kids Seeks Articles on Ancient Near East

Learning Through History magazine is a bi-monthly history publication for readers age 9-16, grades 5 and up.

We are accepting submissions for the Ancient Near East issue until March 30, 2006. Below are just a few of the many topics that would be of interest - we also strongly encourage writers to submit manuscripts on other topic(s) related to the issue theme:

The Fertile Crescent
Ziggurats of the Sumerians
Sumerian Cuneiforms
The Royal Tombs of Ur
Babylonian Astronomy
Advances in Assyrian Warfare
The Siege of Jerusalem

Rise and Fall of the Hittite Empire
The Battle of Kadesh: Hittites vs. Egypt

The Building of Solomon's Temple
The Babylonian Exile

The Phoenician Pantheon
Alphabet of the Phoenicians
Founding of Carthage
Seafaring and Trade Empire

General Topics:
Near Eastern Art
Cedars of Lebanon

Learning Through History pays $60 per non-fiction article and $30 for arts and crafts project plans.

Please see the freelance guidelines section of our website for more details on how to submit to our magazine. Thanks for your interest!

Rose DesRochers

Call for True Love Stories

Romance site is seeking true love stories, romantic moment submissions of all kinds. Wacky, embarrassing, funny. Heart wrenching work. There is no length requirement on true love stories. Tell your true love story as long as you need to and then send it in. You may submit only one story at a time. I am looking for the special moments in between. Romantic dates between couples, blind dates, how we met stories, interracial love stories, and more Pay is $15 per accepted true love story. If you're interested in contributing please visit

Rose DesRochers

The Imperfect Parent

The Imperfect Parent - The main focus of The Imperfect Parent is to provide a world view from a parent's perspective. Our main criteria are that the writing either makes people think, laugh, or both. Our objective is to get parents to think about social, political and parenting methods in a way that seeks to inform and educate on issues that affect our children and us, as parents. Anecdotal stories are fine, but they need to have a point. You may be sentient of your navel, just don't have a staring contest with it. Submissions should generally fit into these main categories: Features, Parenting Methods, Political/Social Issues, Humor, Book Reviews,

Payment is contingent upon the quality and type of written work submitted. Book reviews pay $10. Anecdotal essays/humor pay $15. Original articles pay $25. Payment for features vary depending on the writer's experience and relationship with The Imperfect Parent, but begins at $50 for an 800 word piece. Checks are disbursed at the end of the same month following publication (i.e., for all items published in March, payment is disbursed on March 31).

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Publishers' Catalogues - directory of more than 7700 publishers

World-wide directory of more than 7000 Publishers. Catalogue Home Pages arranged by city, state, country and topic. Includes

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